OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Fri Jun 27 23:18:32 MDT 2008

Andy Bradford <amb-plug at bradfords.org> writes:
>> In  the  case of  ugly  houses,  just  what  right is  being  violated
>> exactly??
> I suppose  it depends on  how one defines what  a right is.  Many people
> often confuse rights with privileges. In  a very basic example, if I own
> a piece of property and I allow  some of my neighbors to cross over that
> land on the way  to the store, they have obtained a  privilege to do so,
> granted by me. They do not have a right, and I can revoke that privilege
> at any time. On the other hand,  if they own property, they can walk all
> around it  all they want and  I, being their neighbor,  cannot take that
> away from them.

A privilige is a right when it's guaranteed by law or morality.  An
easement on your property can give the right of passage.

You and Von seem to have pretty narrow conception of 'rights'.  There
are rights beyond natural rights.


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