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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Fri Jun 27 22:51:54 MDT 2008

Thus said Von Fugal on Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:05:46 MDT:

> As to  the rest  of your post,  yes, sometimes it  is necessary  to go
> higher up, to make federal laws (like murder is a crime, etc).

Actually, I  believe murder is  not a federal  issue (when was  the last
time you saw federal agents at a murder scene). Murder is handled at the
state level  (or maybe  even more  at the local  level). There  are only
certain  instances when  murder  becomes  a federal  issue.  In fact,  I
believe most crimes are actually handled by the state.

> In  the  case of  ugly  houses,  just  what  right is  being  violated
> exactly??

I suppose  it depends on  how one defines what  a right is.  Many people
often confuse rights with privileges. In  a very basic example, if I own
a piece of property and I allow  some of my neighbors to cross over that
land on the way  to the store, they have obtained a  privilege to do so,
granted by me. They do not have a right, and I can revoke that privilege
at any time. On the other hand,  if they own property, they can walk all
around it  all they want and  I, being their neighbor,  cannot take that
away from them.

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