OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Fri Jun 27 22:41:10 MDT 2008

Thus said Justin Findlay on Thu, 26 Jun 2008 23:55:49 MDT:

> Somehow I doubt private corporations would have been altruistic enough
> to let the thing become what it has without their trying to justify it
> quarter by  quarter by crafting  up ways to draw  money out of  it for
> their shareholders.

But your standards  then, Microsoft must be the  most altruistic company
out  there.  Just look  at  what  they  did  for computing  by  bringing
computing to  the masses. But  hey, heaven  forbid that they  might have
figured out a  way to connect these computers, as  they would never have
allowed people to know about it, much less benefit from it.

> The intarwebs  might have had  a chance at  that. Do you  really think
> there are corporations out there that are visionary enough to pour the
> billions  and billions  of  dollars each  year  into basic  scientific
> research that  doesn't have potential  to turn a  technological profit
> for decades, perhaps even centuries, to say nothing of financial?

In today's current political and economic environment of course not. Why
would they pay for  something that they get for free at  the cost of the
taxpayers? The government will do it and the government, as we know, has
an endless supply of money. At least as long as they are able to collect

> Is it immoral for  someone pursue a course of work  for which there is
> no financial motivation whatsoever? I submit that not only is it moral
> but it is crucial to the progress of society.

Of course  it is  not immoral  to pursue whatever  course of  action one
wants as  long as  that course  of action is  done so  through voluntary
interaction to  achieve the ends. Is  it immoral to take  money from one
person and  give it to another  so he can  pursue his life dream  at the
expense of another? Absolutely!

Does an  individual have the right  to take something from  his neighbor
and give it to another who has  grandiose ideas? If an individual has no
such right,  how can he  delegate to government  that which he  does not
have? And if an individual cannot  delegate rights that he doesn't have,
how  can a  group of  individuals  delegate this  non-existent right  to
another group of people (the government)?

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