OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Fri Jun 27 19:12:29 MDT 2008

<quote name="Justin Findlay" date="Fri, 27 Jun 2008 at 12:54 -0600">
> On AD 2008 June 27 Friday 11:37:54 AM -0600, Von Fugal wrote:
> > In all honesty, as great as computers and internets are, I would rather
> > be woodworking or some such and keeping the fruits of my labors than
> > working in this awesome field only to support our glorious imperialists.
> > The awesomeness of computers is here, though, so I will work in it, and
> > I will try to stop gubment from stealing.
> Your ignorance truly saddens me.  I don't know what to say to you.

I would rather be free of oppression in a different time[line] with less
technology, and that makes me ignorant? "Give me liberty or give me less
innovation" <- gee, what a bum! But wait, that sounds not nearly as
'radical' as "Give me liberty or give me death!" <- this guy is our
hero! What's wrong with this picture?

Von Fugal
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