Grub Serial Console Funkiness

Levi Pearson levi at
Fri Jun 27 15:24:42 MDT 2008

Mike Lovell <mike at> writes:
> Is this the thread you mean?
> I had looked briefly at conman but haven't tried setting it up yet. So I
> guess it is time for me to do that. I tried to create a patch from that
> post but I couldn't get it to work. Do you still have the patch set around
> that I can use?

Nope, I've switched jobs since then, and my previous employer is now
defunct.  In what way did using the diff from the post not work for
creating a patch?

> I did try reversing the order of 'serial' and 'console' and it didn't work.
> I also tried the '--dumb' option that was in the email from Barry and that
> seems to be working. I'll do some more experimentation with it and let you
> all know.

Cool, I'm glad the --dumb option worked.  I can't remember if I used
that or not; it's been a little while since I was working on that


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