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<quote name="Kyle Waters" date="Thu, 26 Jun 2008 at 14:32 -0600">
> Bryan Sant wrote:
>>   But why can we not expect the mistreated
>> employee to excersize choice for themselves, quit and find another job
>> and/or sue their employer?    
>    There's two parts to this question.  I'll deal with the easy part  
> first.  In order for an employee to sue their employer there must first  
> be laws to sue them over.  So once again government.  I understand that  
> you are probably arguing that we could do away with the inspectors and  
> allow people to sue when they feel their is a need.  There is part of me  
> that agrees with you then there is the part of me that *loathes*  
> unenforced(or randomly enforced) laws, they generally lead to great  
> abuses(read about teddy roosevelt and drinking on sundays).

You have got it exactly backwards. There is no need to get rid of
inspectors. There is no need to require people to go out and protect
their own rights. This is in fact the very "proper role" of government
we have been eluding to. People enter into a contract with government so
the government can protect their rights for them. That is the ONLY role
of government. People make laws that PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS (not force
people to make pretty neighborhoods) and then appoint inspectors to
enforce those laws. BTW my use of the word people implies the government
of the people, for the people, not 'mob rule'.

As to the rest of your post, yes, sometimes it is necessary to go higher
up, to make federal laws (like murder is a crime, etc). That is why we
HAVE a federal government (and not to go start wars with the middle
east, or to be Isreal's puppet). However, I think it is of utmost
importance when discussing laws and government programs that we ask
ourselves first and foremost "where does the government get this power?"
or in other words "what inalienable rights is this program going to
defend?" In the case of meat that right is life. Someone makes bad meat
and it takes people lives. In the case of ugly houses, just what right
is being violated exactly??

Von Fugal
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