Random number challenge

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Fri Jun 27 09:05:45 MDT 2008

Corey Edwards wrote:
> Something about that method just didn't sit right with me. Seemed like
> some numbers would come out more often than others. So I sat down and
> coded up a simulator to see if I was right. According to my results,
> this particular distribution method unfairly favors some numbers
> whenever the sample size ($MAX) is not an even multiple of 2 (2, 4, 8,
> etc.).

Good find.  The system suggested is inflexible with regards to the 
range.  It is limited to powers of 2.   But hey, it's a geeky group, 
maybe we just insist that the sample size is always a power of 2 :-)

It's not random, but maybe a simple RPS tournament would be fun.


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