OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Fri Jun 27 00:05:10 MDT 2008

Andy Bradford <amb-plug at bradfords.org> writes:

> Actually, this is wrong. Government does not make hidden costs apparent,
> and indeed  actually hides costs. There  are ample examples of  cases in
> which the government didn't recognize property rights and ruled in favor
> of socializing  pollution. If  it had instead  recognized the  rights of
> those who  were being  polluted there would  actually be  less pollution
> because  then companies  would know  they cannot  get away  with harming
> someone's life.  Instead, they are  subsidized and the  costs socialized
> where the costs truly become hidden.

Boy, you sure drank a lot of that libertarian kool-aid.  You have a
lot more faith in the 'Invisible Hand' than I do.  You've got a
distrust of government that borders on paranoia, and apparently a
pretty narrow view of political and economic philosophy as evidenced
by your repeated contrast of pure capitalism with pure socialism.
There has been important economic philosophers besides Friedman and
pals since Adam Smith and Karl Marx, you know.

There's also the fact that there *aren't* any pure capitalist
societies and plenty of successful regulated capitalist societies that
are currently very successful.  Instead of insisting that the world
needs to change to fit your image of economic utopia, you ought to lay
off the kool-aid and deal with reality for a while.

The attempts that I've found historically where people have attempted
to apply modern libertarian economics to countries have been mixed
successes at best.  Chile, for example, became far more prosperous, if
you just look at GDP, but the economy was not terribly stable and most
of the wealth ended up in the hands of a few without helping the
impoverished very much.  There was gross pollution, etc.  All the
sorts of things I'd expect to see with unregulated capitalism.  You
may call that success (and I guess a lot of libertarians do see Chile
as a great success), but I don't.

Anyway, I suspect we're just going to have to disagree on grounds of
economic philosophy.  You're never going to convert me to
libertarianism, and I'm never going to convince you it might not be
all it's cracked up to be.  That's the way the kool-aid works, I


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