OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Kyle Waters unum at unum5.org
Thu Jun 26 14:32:51 MDT 2008

Bryan Sant wrote:
>   But why can we not expect the mistreated
> employee to excersize choice for themselves, quit and find another job
> and/or sue their employer?  

    There's two parts to this question.  I'll deal with the easy part 
first.  In order for an employee to sue their employer there must first 
be laws to sue them over.  So once again government.  I understand that 
you are probably arguing that we could do away with the inspectors and 
allow people to sue when they feel their is a need.  There is part of me 
that agrees with you then there is the part of me that *loathes* 
unenforced(or randomly enforced) laws, they generally lead to great 
abuses(read about teddy roosevelt and drinking on sundays).

    The other part of this question I will answer by bringing up an 
other teddy example(bet you can't guess who my favorite president is).  
Back at the turn of the century the conditions in the meat packing 
plants were awful(I'm sure many of you have read the jungle).  
Individual states couldn't control it because they lacked authority to 
sanction meat packing plants out side of their boundaries.  Now you 
could argue that people should have just bought meat from places that 
were clean.  There really weren't any, and if you want to know why I 
suggest you got to wikipedia and look up A Market For Lemons.

    Now that said, I think most of us agree that power should be as 
local as possible, but we do seem to draw the lines about where it is 
necessary. I'm glad that we all seem to agree there are great abuses by 
both sides.  I wish I had the audio recording from John Dougal(a state 
rep for the Alpine area) when he told me the purpose of patents is to 
give companies a monopoly so they can began making money and THEN 
innovate.  This was in relation to a discussion about the state using 
open document formats.  Apparently MS needs Utah to force all of it's 
students to use their products so MS will have money to innovate other 
wise innovation won't happen.  That's the sort of argument that I think 
we all disagree with.  Oh also I was told if the state was to use an 
open document format it would interefere with the free market, but using 
a proprietary one does not.


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