OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Stephen Ward sjward at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 08:23:53 MDT 2008

> On the contrary, that is precisely why they *do* exist.  It's not to keep
> the developers and builders from getting rich, but to allow a city to master
> plan where they want certain densities of housing.  Your city has a general
> plan which, among other things, explicitly states the intent of residential
> zones in regard to density.  Cities with good planning can have
> neighborhoods of varying densities that work together to make a nice
> environment.
> Without these laws and plans, cities would have too much high density
> housing (why wouldn't a developer go for that?) which in the end lowers the
> value of the entire city.

Is this thread reminding anyone else of playing SimCity, with the
simulator running into the year 2300+ and the population still sitting
below 100k?  Childhood SimCity sessions taught me that I would never
make a good mayor. :(

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