OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Andrew Jorgensen andrew at jorgensenfamily.us
Wed Jun 25 23:27:31 MDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 6:04 PM, Josh Coates <jcoates at gmail.com> wrote:
> and you *aren't* embarrassed by some utah-specific phenomena?  do i really
> need to make a list?

As long as this thread is already derailed, may I ask what it is about
Utah that embarrasses you?  I'm racking my brain and all I can come up
with is that the landscape turns a bit brown in the summer.  Obviously
I'm not a housing zealot or I might be embarrassed by the all this
fluff you all have been griping about.

I mean, sure, there are some things that are different here but
nothing strikes me as embarrassing.  Okay maybe cowboys, but you have
to go all the way down to Payson before those start to get to you.
And they're hardly unique to Utah.

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