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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Wed Jun 25 21:51:34 MDT 2008

Thus said Stuart Jansen on Wed, 25 Jun 2008 17:07:54 MDT:

> > lot/new home.  I don't think  your intention would be  to negatively
> > affect low-income persons, but we rarely notice how are addiction to
> > ever-increasing  legislation  continuously  erodes our  freedoms  in
> > diverse and sometimes unexpected ways.
> Apartments and townhomes are not an option because?

They are not an option because  even some low-income people want a home.
Stupid regulations  like minimum lot  sizes really just close  out those
people  from being  able  to afford  one. Just  like  minimum wage  laws
prevent some percentage of the low-income population from finding viable
work. What's ironic is that minimum  wage laws hurt the very people they
are targetted at helping!

> I'm all for limited government, but only within reason.

Such  a definite  standard  as ``what's  reasonable!''  Masster is  very
nicccce, oh yesss, very niccce.

> Wise zone can do a lot to  ensure the long term health of a community.
> Poor zoning can destroy it.

And again, who is going to  determine this ``wise zoning?'' Some kind of
omniscient group of people that know  better than other groups of people
what is better for them and society?

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