[on topic] What's your favorite less-popular open source app?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 18:35:49 MDT 2008

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> - FileLight: The best way I've seen to visualize what is eating up disk 
> space.

Pie charts don't make much sense to me.  It's too hard to tell what
really is bigger.  I like the way that kdirstat[1] does it with
rectangles much better.  It's very easy to spot big files, and big
directories since each file is always a rectangle and each set of files
is also a rectangle.  It's very slick

There is a windows clone called windirstat[2] and a OS X clone called
Disk Inventory X[3].

[1] http://kdirstat.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://windirstat.info/
[3] http://www.derlien.com/

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