[on topic] What's your favorite less-popular open source app?

Joe George joeg at clearcore.com
Wed Jun 25 15:33:05 MDT 2008

This one I use all the time.  Share keyboad and mouse across a network.



Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Everyone talks about the major players in open source.  I'd like a 
> discussion about some of the good, smaller programs that aren't well 
> known.  I'll start off with some of my favorites.
> - XCA: A simple GUI for creating and managing SSL certificates.  Easy to 
> use for those of us who want to mess with SSL certificates without 
> deciphering how to use openssl directly.
> - FileLight: The best way I've seen to visualize what is eating up disk 
> space.
> - Twinkle: Like Ekiga but more focused on being a phone rather than a 
> videophone, making it easier to use IMHO.
> Shane
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