Firefox Bookmark Update Indicator

Garth Hill thaabit at
Tue Jun 24 21:34:59 MDT 2008

Are you talking updates to a site or an rss feed?  I don't know about 
firefox, but Yahoo! alerts has been handy for me to get email updates 
when things are added to an rss feed.  You can set it to email you once 
a day or as changes happen. 


Joshua Lutes wrote:
> I'm wondering if anybody knows of an add-on for Firefox that would indicate
> when a change has been made to a website that has been bookmarked.
> RSS feeds are nifty but I don't like that live bookmarks are displayed as
> folders in Firefox.  I'd rather that it be displayed as a single page that
> notifies me, by changing color maybe, whenever the RSS feed is updated with
> new content since the last time that I visited.  Maybe even be able to
> associate normal pages with their RSS feeds so that I could go directly to
> 'em.
> I guess, if nobody knows of this thing's existence, could you guess at how
> tricky it'd be to code up?  And how possible.  I've never done a plugin
> before, but I guess I could try.  They are done in javascript right?
> Anyway, thanks for any infos.
> Joshua Lutes
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