OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Josh Coates jcoates at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 18:04:05 MDT 2008

...Only those lower income scum folk
would be financially barred from home ownership... <snip bryan sant rant>

bryan - it sort of sounds like you are implying that this argument is bias
against "lower income folk".

it's the higher-end of the market that we're talking about.

oh, and while i'm catching up, you said something earlier:

>but if I truly felt that where I lived was
>"embarrassing", I would try to retain some semblance of self-respect
>and move.  Why stay in Utah if it is such an embarrassment?

and you *aren't* embarrassed by some utah-specific phenomena?  do i really
need to make a list?  and you ask why stay in utah?  how about i'm sticking
around to try and HELP instead of cutting and running (ugh, and if you are
reading this in an archive, don't get all snippy if i happened to have moved
away since i posted this...;-)

btw - the kids swinging the signs around on the street - geesh, this should
be illegal too.  highland has a law against signs being posted on the side
of the road, but this how the developers get around it.  best i can tell,
lehi doesn't have any laws at all.  you can pretty much build, post or do
whatever you want in that city as long as it generates tax dollars for them
(not that highland doesn't have issues like this too - cause it does..)

i'm all for free speech and all, but do these commercial ventures have to be
in face all the time?  it's like spam - but it's real life and i can't just
filter it.


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