Crappy Houses

Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Jun 23 08:40:37 MDT 2008

Dave Smith wrote:
> Hans Fugal wrote:
>> They are rectangular 2 or 3 story houses, now (if not originally) 
>> divided into one or two housing units per floor. They would put any 
>> Utah McMansion to shame in terms of tastelessness and low quality, not 
>> to mention lack of yard and curb appeal. The McMansions would only win 
>> out on the appearance of glamour.
> What are they made of?  Brick, siding, stucco, other?

Framed with siding. BTW, stucco isn't a structural material (nor 
siding). You can put stucco over framing, brick, adobe, or geodesic 
domes made of aluminum. It's a stylistic finish, that's all.

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