IcedTea on Fedora 9

Barry Roberts blr at
Mon Jun 23 08:33:14 MDT 2008

Has anybody seen any problems with SSL java applets with Fedora 
9/Firefox 3/gcj plugin/IcedTea (x86_64)?

I have a remote KVM that uses a java applet and it forces ssl.  It works 
great with Firefox (32-bit) and Sun Java in Fedora 7.  But now the 
applet won't load because of SSL errors.  Embedded ssl is always wrong 
(host name doesn't match, self signed), but I've exported the cert in 
firefox and used keytool to put in in my java keystore but I still get: No name matching ccgs1

I've googled and found lots of different suggestions on using keytool, 
but I can't get anything to work.

Any ideas?

Barry Roberts

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