Crappy Houses

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Jun 22 20:23:50 MDT 2008

Hans Fugal wrote:
> Anyway, my take on it is it's a crying shame that people are dumb but 
> it's not news. It's a crying shame that Utah is filling up and space is 
> limited, limiting your choices (or forcing you to a longer commute), but 
> it is.

Utah is hardly filling up--the wasatch front is.  It was a natural
evolution, but without any planning whatsoever, and that's tragic.  The
subdivisions are all in the wrong places.  If, 100 years ago, growth had
been planned for, then most of the cities would not be where they are
today.  Instead subdivisions would have been built in the west deserts
and on marginal land, leaving the wasatch valley area available for farm
land and orchards.  When SLC was founded, it was planned such that
people could live among the land that they farmed, which was sensible
for the 1800s.  Utah could be fairly self-sufficient in terms of basic
food production.  Today the farmland is all but gone in the fertile areas.

But of course that's totally fine because food comes from grocery stores
now anyway.  And we probably don't have enough water for both people and
orchards anyway.

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