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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Fri Jun 20 22:45:02 MDT 2008

Thus said Dave Smith on Fri, 20 Jun 2008 21:08:20 MDT:

> Repeat after me: Developers build houses to make money.

And people  buy them because  they value the home  (even if it  isn't as
nicely made as they  once were) more than the money  they have, or might
make in  the future (where debt  is involved). Did anyone  ever say that
developers build houses  to lose money? And your  point about developers
building houses to make money is?

> They will cut cost in every possible way.

If the people buying the homes  don't like this cost cutting, they don't
have to  buy the  home. If they  don't like the  final product  that the
developer has product, they dont' have to buy.

> Houses haven't gotten cheaper over the decades.

According to which standard of measure?

> House prices have out-paced inflation at  least 5 to 1. Why isn't the 
> quality going *up* if houses are getting more expensive?              

I assume you have the answer. Care to share the wealth?

> Houses are not Transformer toys. Toys have gotten cheaper. Houses have
> gotten more expensive,  and yet both toys and houses  have gone *down*
> in quality. Yes, comparing houses to toys is logical fallacy (proof by
> false analogy, actually).

Will you offer a proof by true analogy?

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