OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Fri Jun 20 21:08:20 MDT 2008

Andy Bradford wrote:
> I don't think  that they don't care about quality.  Its that they cannot
> afford it.

Let's review your comments from the last couple days:

- Consumers can't afford quality. That's why houses are built poorly.

- Consumers want small yards. That's why developers cram lots of houses 
on the land they buy. (Oh, and Andy knows exactly 2 people who want 
small yards, therefore it's all the consumer driving this, and not 

Repeat after me: Developers build houses to make money. They will cut 
cost in every possible way. Houses haven't gotten cheaper over the 
decades. House prices have out-paced inflation at least 5 to 1. Why 
isn't the quality going *up* if houses are getting more expensive? 
Houses are not Transformer toys. Toys have gotten cheaper. Houses have 
gotten  more expensive, and yet both toys and houses have gone *down* in 
quality. Yes, comparing houses to toys is logical fallacy (proof by 
false analogy, actually).

It's really very easy: Developers are greedy. Bottom line. End of story. 
There is no other explanation. It really is that simple. Oh, and don't 
throw out the "well, if we didn't buy their houses, they wouldn't build 
with such low quality." The population of Utah is going *up*. There is a 
house shortage. There is a population surplus. When low supply and high 
demand meet, you get high prices. Period. And it's exactly this kind of 
environment where developers can get away with cost-cutting measures 
like poor quality standards and small lot-size to home-size ratios.

Happy house hunting everyone! :)


P.S.  The uninformed populace doesn't help any, but it's certainly not 
the driving force here.

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