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Fri Jun 20 20:54:25 MDT 2008

Thus said "Matt Nelson" on Thu, 19 Jun 2008 22:05:02 MDT:

> Has anyone else noticed the quality of homes built these days.

I'm sure many have. I wouldn't doubt that my grandmother's home of brick
will be  standing long after mine  has become run down.  There have been
other improvements in  technology, building standards, and  more, but on
the whole it  seems that the home of  today is not what it  was 60 years

> The point that  I am getting at  is that many people  don't care about
> quality anymore, but more about quantity.

I don't think  that they don't care about quality.  Its that they cannot
afford it. As  with any good, if  the producer aims to  keep prices low,
then the only place  it can come out of is in  the quality. For example,
if the  cost of metal  goes up too  much, Transformer toys,  while still
retaining  their same  look, colors  and even  size, will  be made  with
cheaper materials, just so the price can remain relatively close to what
it was (even cheaper).

To have the same  quality toys you had when you grew  up, you would have
to pay  considerably more. Homes are no different.

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