Dissipating Heat in a Digital Picture Frame

Joshua Lutes huzzak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 19:04:32 MDT 2008

image 1 - http://www.lelanophilus.net/alt/temp/100_3005.JPG
image 2 - http://www.lelanophilus.net/alt/temp/100_3006.JPG<%20http://www.lelanophilus.net/alt/temp/100_3006.JPG>
image 3 - http://www.lelanophilus.net/alt/temp/100_3007.JPG

So, I am trying to fix up and finish off this digital picture frame I've
been working on for a while.  I thought I had it all set, but the frame died
inexplicably.  I have got another laptop all set up to go, but I am
concerned about the heat management (last time I didn't give it so much
thought and I suspect that that is what did 'er in).  In the first picture
you can see all of the component pieces.  The black thing at the top is the
back of the frame.  You can see that it has a few holes cut in it.

In the second image is the monitor and the rest of the computer.  The screen
connects to the computer just about where the plug is (right next to the
power button).  The monitor then wraps around so that the back is flush with
the computer and the front is to the glass of the frame.  On the right side
of the computer, near the backspace key, is where most of the heat is
generated.  That is where the battery plugs in and where the fan (which I
don't think I've ever see turn on) is located.

The third image shows how the components fit into the frame.  It is pretty
tight from side to side because of the battery and the wireless card.  There
is no space height-wise with the keyboard coming flush with the back of the
frame when it is put on.

So, things are pretty tight inside, but there is still space.  Especially on
the bottom and top of the frame.  What can I do to help the heat to
dissipate and not destroy the computer and the lcd?  Ideally something low
cost (or no cost).  Do you think that cutting vents will be enough?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Joshua Lutes

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