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Thu Jun 19 22:05:02 MDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 9:34 PM, Andy Bradford <amb-plug at bradfords.org>

> Thus said Dave Smith on Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:03:35 MDT:
> > Yes, I suppose some home buyers have *consciously* opted to sacrifice
> > acreage in favor of a larger house. I just don't happen to know any.
> Two people with whom  I have worked in the past  purchased homes with no
> yard, mostly because they didn't want to bother with upkeep. Owning land
> just for the sake of it doesn't necessarily go very far, and indeed, the
> property might actually lose value unless it is kept up.
> > Whatever the  case, you can't deny  or discount the fact  that it's in
> > the developers' best  money-making interest to pack as  many houses on
> > as little land as possible.
> Yes, and you can't deny or discount  the fact that consumers come in all
> flavors. Some  like small homes,  some large;  some like small  plots of
> land with large homes, some like it the other way.
> I'm  not saying  that  there aren't  bad developers  out  there, or  bad
> businessmen, just that its hard to  generalize this kind of thing. There
> are millions of people in America and  its hard to believe that they all
> want a lot of land with a big home.
> > Couple the  developer's desire  for more  profit with  a taste-lacking
> > populace  of  consumers  who  only  sees  square  footage  and  garage
> > capacity, and, well, welcome to the United States.
> My  dream home  would be  an Italian  style villa  in campagna  (country
> house) on 5--10 acres. :-) But then, who can afford to build with brick,
> stone or cement anymore?

I just have to put my two cents in

I have to prefix this and note that I have grown up working as a framer, and
finish carpenter working for my father that is a General Contractor /

Has anyone else noticed the quality of homes built these days.  For example
everything is going from, as mentioned above, brick and concrete to stucco.
This holds up well in climates like Arizona, but here in Utah stucco cracks,
and looks like crap after a few winter seasons.  I think we are seeing the
GI-Joe and Transformer trend coming to homes. Back when I was a kid GI-Joes
toys where made solid with screws hard plastic and very durable rubber
bands, and the Transformers where actually made of metal, but you look at
the toys of today and they are pieces of crap that break VERY easily.  When
I walk through new homes today it drives me nuts to see where the builders
or homeowners have decided to save money and go cheap.  It is very much like
watching a bad movie that tries to depict "Hackers", need I go on?

The point that I am getting at is that many people don't care about quality
anymore, but more about quantity.


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