OT - Gas to hit 4.00 - Vote for Ron Paul - dropping out?

Jason Hall jayce at lug-nut.com
Thu Jun 19 09:27:12 MDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 9:12 AM, Levi Pearson <levi at cold.org> wrote:
> You seem to have a profound, willful ignorance of the mathematics of
> elections.  If *everyone* who wanted Ron Paul to be President voted
> for him, he would *still* *lose*.  That much has been clear from the
> beginning.  The solution to this, for those who support Ron Paul's
> platform, has nothing whatsoever to do with voting.  By the time
> voting comes to pass, it's too late, because those votes stand no
> chance of making any difference aside from indirectly influencing
> which of the two major candidates gets elected.
> The solution, for third-party supporters, is to spend a whole lot of
> time and effort *outside* of the election season to create support for
> their platform by trying to sway the opinion of the people.  Only when
> a platform gets palpable popular support from the populace at large
> does it make any sense to vote for a candidate running on that
> platform.

While there is a lot of truth to what levi says, we do have federal
and state level complications that *do* make it valuable to vote 3rd
party, even if they won't win, and that is with campaign money, and
access to the polls.

The two main parties have made it very difficult for people outside of
their control to get on the ballot, and to receive their part of the
huge amounts of money the government gives them to stay in power.  By
receiving certain percentages of the vote in major elections, they can
receive that money on the next election cycle.

That doesn't help a write-in though.


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