OT - I don't _hate_ McMansions

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Jun 18 12:43:02 MDT 2008

Grant Shipley wrote:
> I personally have no problem with McMansions (as some people call
> them).  I think if someone has the money to afford one -- hey go for
> it.

The term McMansion does not generally describe a desirable home. At 
least, it is not intended to. The term describes a home that 
approximates a mansion, but with cheaper shortcuts employed, such that 
the upper middle class can afford a mansion-like home. The proportions 
are usually out of whack. For example: A medium-sized home with 
white-house proportion pillars on either side of the front door. Another 
example: Brick on the front, but inexpensive siding on the sides and 
rear. My parents' house is like this. My dad quips that you could poke a 
hole in his house with a ball-point pen. Wikipedia has a great article 
on the topic:


For the record, I don't hate these homes, or the people who live in them 
(my very parents, in fact, live in one). I just wish that more 
developers would build classic homes like the colonial and Victorian 
styles of yesteryear that you see so often in the older areas of the 
east coast.


http://www.kwhometeam.net/Listings/0%20ARCHER%20ST/Lg1.jpg     (minus 
the river, of course)

Not that you asked. :)


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