OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Chris plug.org at 2nerds.com
Tue Jun 17 20:38:28 MDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 6:31 PM, Levi Pearson <levi at cold.org> wrote:
> Do you, by chance, have a big house with a small lot?

No.  My house is tiny by modern standards, but that fact is of no
relevance here.

I don't begrudge anyone who builds or lives in a McMansion, however
tightly packed.  Nor do I comprehend the befuddled organization of a
mind whose tender sensitivites are offended by the mere existence of
such things.  (I'm not saying we have such befuddled minds in this
forum, though the conversation sometimes veers in that direction.)

When someone has an opinion and cares to share the rationale behind
their point of view, I'm delighted to hear them.  Fortunately, this
forum is dominated by posts of that variety.  But when a dialog starts
to smell like irrational emotions--emotions held over someone else's
freely exercised choice, no less, I find it difficult to navigate in
the wake of such bilge.


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