Matt Nelson matt at
Tue Jun 17 05:30:07 MDT 2008

I have just about finished organizing my pictures, documents, etc on my
computer.  After finishing I thought this would be a good time to backup my
data.  Usually I burn all of my data to DVD's and put one set in the safe
deposit box, and the other in my local safe.  In the past I have put my
photo's on two DVD's, and my documents on one.  My question is this, my data
totals currently about 15GB that I would like backed up.  I really like
having the data in its raw format on the DVD's this way if 15 years down the
road I find that I want/have to get some data off the disk I don't have to
find the application I used to create the backup.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to an application that I can use to
create backups that maintain my raw data and will allow me to span disks
without having to do this manually?  Also feel free to share how you are
currently maintaining backups of your data, ie, just storing it on a
external enclosure, etc...

You may wonder why I don't just do it manually since I only backup about
quarterly, but I will be doing this kind of thing on my parents, and other
family machines that run Linux; I also would like to backup my personal
music, and that could span many DVD's.

-Matt Nelson

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