OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Mon Jun 16 23:36:38 MDT 2008

<quote name="Stuart Jansen" date="Mon, 16 Jun 2008 at 22:52 -0600">
> On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 22:32 -0600, Levi Pearson wrote:
> > You're going to end up with this effect whenever the market is allowed
> > to do its thing.  If you create minimum lot size covenants or laws,
> > you can get around it, but hey, that's intervention in the sacred free
> > market, so it' can't be a good idea.
> Just like enforcing minimum food quality requirements is wrong. Very,
> very wrong.

Ooh! Me too! And minimum vehicle "safety" (aka battering ram factor)

Von Fugal
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