OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Dennis Muhlestein devel at muhlesteins.com
Mon Jun 16 10:31:05 MDT 2008

> that East coast families tend to be a lot smaller than Utah's, which
> might be part of the reason.)

I can't really comment on the size of families, homes across the USA,
etc because I really haven't studied the issue much.  I can however
comment that at least for us, we do have a larger home that 2200
square feet (a number that was mentioned earlier).  I felt it was
within our means however, but that yes, we just wanted a little more
room for the 5 children we have.  We had a 2000 square foot home for
our 1st house and were rapidly starting to feel cramped as we added
the 3rd child to our family.  Now, with the 5th almost here, I'm very
grateful we made the change in houses before the market prices went up
as high as they got.  Had we waited even a year, there is a good
possibility we wouldn't have been able to afford the house we live in
now.  Had we not planned on adding children, I don't think I'd have
had any issue staying where we were.

For the programmers to understand:

 * OK_RATIO is determined by you.  Some people are just plain not OK
with smaller spaces etc.
 * all else could include prices, location, job outlook etc, and
should be considered before basing on family size.
bool getNewHouse(int cur_square_feet, int cur_kids, int future_kids) {
 if (cur_square_feet/(cur_kids+future_kids) >= OK_RATIO) {
  // all else being equal.....
  return false;
 } else {
  // all else being equal
  return true;

Just my $0.02 anyway.


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