OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Sun Jun 15 21:41:47 MDT 2008

Andy Bradford wrote:
> So, are  you arguing that  developers out  here are greedier  than those
> back east and which clearly build things the way their customers demand,
> while those out here are taking advantage of us?

I've been watching new home construction back east (namely Virginia and 
North Carolina), and the lots aren't any larger than Utah lots. So yes, 
I stand behind my argument. I'll add this fact: Developers make much 
more money selling houses than land, so they like to pack as many houses 
per unit land as possible, while still being able to sell them. Hence 
the garage-in-the-front syndrome: That abominable design allows you to 
pack more house on less land, since you don't have to run a driveway 
around the side and back of the house.


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