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Sat Jun 14 11:45:15 MDT 2008

<quote name="Doran L. Barton" date="Sat, 14 Jun 2008 at 07:58 -0600">
> Not long ago, Von Fugal proclaimed...
> > He's just trying to say that Bush _is_ like Hitler. And he's entitled to
> > that opinion. Personally, I think Bush is worse than Hitler, or at least
> > more sinister. At least everyone _knew_ that Hitler hated Jews. Everyone
> > _knew_ he was trying to take over the world. Bush is a little more on
> > the down low, with a little sleight of hand he appears to be chasing
> > terrorists instead of occupying countries. Oh, and he doesn't hate Jews,
> > instead he hates Muslims.
> Uh... I don't know where you're getting any of this. George W. Bush doesn't
> hate Muslims (except the ones that attacked us on 9/11/01). You can
> disagree with him on his policies (and there's plenty there to disagree
> with), but I have a hard time finding much "evil" in him. Like most U.S.
> presidents, he genuinely loves the country and tries to do what is right. I
> don't understand why he appears to be in bed with Mexico (see Compean &
> Ramos) or why he agreed to send out stimulus checks when the govt clearly
> can't afford it... but I do not buy into this conspiracy theory that he has
> some evil -- or sinister -- agenda. Maybe I'm just more of a realist in
> that regard. Maybe it's because I know people who know the guy.

I *was* exaggerating. But evil or not, I really do not like Bush. Cheney
on the other hand I'll go right out and say he's EVIL.

And comparing Bush to Hitler only says Bush is evil if you think Hitler
is evil. Was Hitler evil? Or maybe "he genuinely love[d] [his] country and
trie[d] to do what is right."

I don't know if Bush is evil in his heart, but his actions sure are.

Von Fugal
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