Random number challenge

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Sat Jun 14 09:04:55 MDT 2008

Von Fugal wrote:

> Hey, excluding already generated numbers is *not* random, and it flies
> in the face of the multiple prizes for Fugals tradition!
> Von Fugal

Well, technically you can still call it random but the problem 
definition has changed. It's called random selection without 
replacement. But there's no need to get complicated - just skip 
duplicates by generating the next random number by hand. You can tell 
when a duplicate comes up by the groans of all but one person, who has a 
big grin.

Think of it as drawing cards from a deck. You can do that randomly but 
you'll never draw the ace of clubs more than once unless you put it back 
into the deck after drawing it the first time.

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