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<quote name="Levi Pearson" date="Fri, 13 Jun 2008 at 20:57 -0600">
> Charles Curley <charlescurley at charlescurley.com> writes:
> > So it's not evil to advocate evil policies (e.g., say, killing all the
> > Jews or sending all the middle class to Siberian slave labor camps)?
> > Or perhaps it's not evil to actually do such things so long as you can
> > do it as a government?
> So, where's the 'genocide' dimension on that particular chart, eh?
> We're talking about the political compass chart on the site, not
> policy in general.  Being authoritarian like Hitler doesn't mean that
> you're genocidal like Hitler.  Context, man.
> > No, policy has a moral dimension.
> Really?!  I never would have imagined that. :P
> Maybe, next time, you should try interpreting the conversation in such
> a way that you don't have to assume that I'm a complete moron for your
> interpretation to make sense.  Thanks!
>                 --Levi

He's just trying to say that Bush _is_ like Hitler. And he's entitled to
that opinion. Personally, I think Bush is worse than Hitler, or at least
more sinister. At least everyone _knew_ that Hitler hated Jews. Everyone
_knew_ he was trying to take over the world. Bush is a little more on
the down low, with a little sleight of hand he appears to be chasing
terrorists instead of occupying countries. Oh, and he doesn't hate Jews,
instead he hates Muslims.

Von Fugal
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