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What's Ron Paul?

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 10:22 AM, Kyle Waters <unum at unum5.org> wrote:

> Stuart Jansen wrote:
>> Really? I see that as a sign of our country's cohesiveness. Compared to
>> many countries, both of our parties are pretty moderate. We have plenty
> You have a different definition of moderate than people who study world
> politics:
> http://politicalcompass.org/analysis2
> If you look at the bottom graph and if you define conservative as the upper
> right quadrant on that graph(which would be a neo-conservative)  Then Bush
> is the most extreme of any current leader.  I consider both parties
> neo-conservative.  Nader is Liberal.  The green party is Liberal. The
> libertarian party and constitutional parties are libertarian(on a federal
> level anyways).  None of them are "moderate" but that's all relative.
> Kyle
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