Comcast issues

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Thu Jun 12 19:02:22 MDT 2008

Is anyone else having issues with their Comcast Internet today?  As in 
random issues connecting out to various services (ie. messenger) and web 
sites, or unable to remotely connect into their home network via SSH, 
HTTP, HTTPS, Rdesktop, VNC, etc?

I tried connecting from work, to home, through our Qwest DSL lines, with 
no success. My in-laws have a server at their house, and also have 
Comcast.  I can connect from their home server to my home network with 
no problems, and vice a versa, which I would assume means the problem is 
not the internal Comcast network, but either Comcat border network, or a 
peering network (ie. Qwest)?

I tried calling Comcast support only to be told the wait time was 
greater than 30 minutes.  I would take this to mean other people are 
having issues as well.  Has anyone heard any news about problems?


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