OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Paul Seamons paul at seamons.com
Thu Jun 12 16:27:34 MDT 2008

> I may be old fashioned, but if I ever sell my current house it will be
> because I found 10 acres of land to build my dream home on 

That is certainly a good feature.

> and that 
> home will be built to last for at least several generation.  I want
> the house to be something my kids use and hand down to their kids.

That is often what the parents want - but not often what the children want.  
Cabin properties fall into this sort of category where passing them along is 
good.  But residential houses typically don't fall into the category for 
various reasons - the first being that the parents are usually still living 
there when the children are ready to own a home.  There is also the issue of 
which child/grandchild gets the house.

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