OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Thu Jun 12 15:18:13 MDT 2008

On 12 Jun 2008, at 14:30, Grant Robinson wrote:

>> One of these monstrosities was just erected in Sugarhouse  
>> surrounded by beautiful, classically designed homes from the 50's  
>> and earlier. The neighbors call it the Garage-Mahal. Great name!
> I obviously need the name of the neighborhood that you are living  
> in.  I haven't seen much to jump up and down about with regards to  
> 1950's home design. :)

I think he was being facetious about that.

> Also, like it or not, having the garage attached to the house  
> increases the resale value of your home just by making your home  
> APPEAR bigger.

If you are into that kind of thing.   :)  I bought my home to live in,  
not to sell.  hehe, but I understand what you mean.

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