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Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Thu Jun 12 12:44:50 MDT 2008

I came across this interesting idea called a news chain alert. I hate
chain mails and forwards, but what do you all think of it?
Oh and speaking of important news not covered by the MSM, how many of
you heard about Kucinich's impeachment articles?

A news chain alert is as follows:


"They must think we're mushrooms..."
News Chain Alert: The following important news item received little or
no coverage in the "Major Media". If you received this from someone you
trust, please open and read it and then, if you agree that it should
have been "on the news" and you didn't see it there, forward it to your
**This news article and opinions quoted in it don't necessarily reflect
the views of the person forwarding it.**
Headline and url here

About News Chain Alerts:
"News Chain Alerts" are a response to the problem of important news
stories not being reported by the "Major Media". If on average half the
people who get this "News Chain Alert" forward it to 20 people on their
list who haven't yet received it, it would take only 8 steps to reach
100 million people!
Suggested rules for "News Chain Alerts":
1. The content of a News Chain Alert is just a headline, a link to a
recent news article, and a copy of this write-up about “News Chain
Alerts”. Nothing else. That way nobody's trying to push their opinions
on anybody, and no one is starting an argument.
2. The article pointed to should be a news story - not opinion or
analysis - from a credible source, of general interest, that is not
being adequately carried by the Major Media.
3. When you get a News Chain Alert, ask yourself: "Would any reasonable
person agree that this story should have been on the national news?" If
so, forward it to your list, and include "News Chain Alert, please
forward" in the subject heading. .
4. Anyone can start a News Chain Alert. Search the article headline on
"Google News" first (e.g.: "keywords ABC", "keywords CNN", etc) to see
if it really is being given the silent treatment, and then ask yourself:
Do I trust the source? Is this important news?
"... because they feed us manure and keep us in the dark!"

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