[OT] Gas Efficiency Tip

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Wed Jun 11 22:48:53 MDT 2008

Oh, and I would like to hear any tips on making a motorcycle engine more
efficient, such as how to do the water injection (or some other additive
you can put right in the tank), or leaning the mixture a tad (it's

I have a 1980 Hondamatic and it gets much lower mileage than I think it
should. 29 by my first measurement, though I think it may be higher this
next time. Actually, I have the data... *numbers cruch* 61mpg. So really
not so bad. Still, every little bit helps.

Alex, I'm working on a website that tracks fillups and gives you all
kinds of good data like miles per gallon, dollars per gallon, miles per
fillup, etc. I also want it to track other expenses and include those in
cost/mile estimates. Thought you might be interested, you have my email

Von Fugal
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