OT: HHO (Browns Gas) Conversion For Your Car

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Wed Jun 11 21:46:59 MDT 2008

<quote name="Michael Torrie" date="Wed, 11 Jun 2008 at 15:35 -0600">
> William Attwood wrote:
> > Doing a hydrogen system, so long as you harness power from an outside or
> > wasted source (solar panels, friction of the brakes to generate electricity,
> > head off of the engine block) you can of course get gains in mileage when
> > used together with gasoline/diesel.  If you rely on your own vehicles power
> > output or try to do an HHO only vehicle, you will not get the gains as it's
> > counter-productive.
> Not true at all.  Just like a turbo charger takes power from the engine
> to boost the overall efficiency and power, so hydrogen injection does
> also.  It's not like you are getting energy from nothing; you're instead
> just improving the efficiency from 18% to 19%.  All your energy is
> conserved and accounted for.  Just that hydrogen injection is able to
> improve the efficiency of the engine more than the amount of energy
> needed to produce the hydrogen.

Just a note, turbo chargers and superchargers do NOT increase
efficiency, only power. *charged vehicles generally get lower mpg.

Von Fugal
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