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> On Jun 11, 2008, at 1:47 PM, Von Fugal wrote:
>> <quote name="Kimball Larsen" date="Wed, 11 Jun 2008 at 13:26 -0600">
>>> Knowing Matt, I'm not entirely sure what he means by this comment,  
>>> but
>>> I'm choosing to take it to mean that I work hard, save, and am  
>>> careful
>>> with my resources.
>>> It should be known that Matt and I used to work for the same company,
>>> and he reported to me.
>>> I would also like to pose the question:  *why* can't we change what  
>>> an
>>> "average" american is?  Why do we all have to accept that average
>>> americans are in too much debt, make too little money, and the
>>> government has to bail them all out?
>> Nobody said the government had to bail them out, just that they are in 
>> a
>> position where extroardinary gas prices can and *will* hurt them. I  
>> take
>> issue with all of you that say "eh, so what, I can deal with $8/gal
>> gas." Oh I'm sure you can, but that's no reason to be indifferent  
>> about
>> it. I could ride my bicycle to work if I had to, it might make my
>> commute 45 minutes or so. I can forego trips to california to visit  
>> the
>> inlaws (which we only do once every other year as it is). Does that  
>> mean
>> I welcome $8/gal gas? Heck no! I don't want to be paying that much,  
>> and
>> I don't think you do either. And while some of us can survive it,  
>> others
>> will be in a world of hurt. Again, I'm not saying the government  
>> should
>> bail anyone out. Rather, I think the government should stop spending  
>> us
>> into oblivion, inflating our money supply to the point of catastrophic
>> deflation, and otherwise screwing over us average americans. Whether  
>> you
>> like it or not, we are somewhat responsible for the actions of our  
>> govt.
>> because we _are_ a democracy (or republic) and we do have the power to
>> do something about gas prices and evil wars. However, nobody gives a
>> damn and live in their own little bubbles where they are 'fine' and  
>> can
>> survive because of whatever lifestyle they have chosen. The average
>> american also thinks they are 'fine' even if with less solid logic. I
>> see this apathy reflected in those posts that say "I'm ready for $8  
>> gas,
>> if you're not it's your fault." You're missing the point! Gas should  
>> not
>> be that expensive. We are a prosperous and a blessed nation, we should
>> be able to travel and visit relatives on a semiannual basis. The only
>> consolation I have with this fiasco is that *finally* we're going to
>> have some serious looks at alternative energy, more fuel efficient
>> vehicles, maybe even nuclear power will make a comeback (one can only
>> hope). What really bugs me is the attitude. For heaven's sake people  
>> get
>> off your high horse and give a crap about what's going on in the  
>> world.
>> </rant>
> *Steps off high horse*
> I did not mean to sound indifferent about gas prices - indeed, I am  
> quite unhappy that filling my camry used to cost me about $12, but now  
> costs nearly $60.  I am seriously looking at alternative energy sources 
> for my own personal use.
> However, more to the point - what, specifically, can I do as an  
> individual that will make a lick of difference about anything that  
> happens in the world in general?  I have control over my own situation, 
> and do not presume to be able to exercise any control or influence over 
> others.  Screaming "Rise up!  Make a stand!  We are better than this!  We 
> don't deserve this!" is great on paper, but in practical implementation, 
> tends to fall flat.

Rise up! Make a stand! We are better than this!

Right now it's about taking back politics. Right down to the roots,
the people. I've been to county delegate meetings and the things I've
seen... The powers that be are trying to grab all the more power any way
they can contrive. One particular incident... certain state officials are
elected by county delegates. These delegates are your neighbors, the
ones you elect in caucuses. The incumbents wanted to "give" away more
"delegate" votes to their helpers that _they_ choose. Their argument was
"they are volunteers and they deserve some kind of compensation" as if
electoral sway was an appropriate way to "pay" someone, and it still
doesn't change the fact that the incumbents *choose* them. Anyway,
that's just one example. The corruption permeates the entire system from
president right down to good ol Utah counties. (Utah is probably one of
the worser off states.) We can and should effect change in the major
elections and please don't sell out to "strategic voting". But just as
important is the local politics, starting with your biannual caucus.
We have become so involved in living our lives that we have criminally
neglected our country and system of governance.

Please note that I am probably more guilty of this than most. I had
never even heard of caucuses before this year, and I voted for Bush
twice to my everlasting shame. I thought surely no one could be worse
than Kerry (your standard Utah anti-democratic). Boy was I ever wrong.

We have to do this now, because if we are too late to save our country
within the system, then the next stand we will be taking won't be pretty
at all.

> Perhaps I'm just jaded, but, honestly - what, specifically, can I do?

*** Vote for Ron Paul ***

You knew that was coming, didn't you? ;)

Seriously though, whatever you do, do *not* vote for McCain or Obama. I
used to play the "which one is better" game but it's vain. The lesser of
two evils is still evil. Now I know some of you are going to protest and
say "I don't want to waste my vote!" Well tough. Voting for more of the
same insanely self-destructive policies is the real waste. This time
around we have the most viable, intelligent and honest man running for
president we've ever had in the last oh so many years. If we don't take
a stand now it's a green light for all the corruption and power-grabbing
and war-mongering to keep right on going, dragging us all down to

OK, now that I've been all doom and gloom and the world is over, I shall
clarify that I don't think the world will end, or even the United
States. There has to be a threshhold *somewhere* where Americans will
finaly stand up and protest the grotesque government we labor under.
However, the longer it takes us to reach that threshhold the more
horrible and insufferable and bloody the change will be, so take a
chance and do something NOW.

To those of you who think Paul would actually make a good president,
what have you _really_ got to lose by voting for him? On the other hand
what have you got to gain?

To those who think he's a loony nutcase, even I will admit that some who
subscribe to his campaign really *are* nutcases, I've seen it. But
there's just as many brilliant and down to earth people that believe in
him. Thing about Paul is he appeals to ALL TYPES, and that's the only
reason you see the looneys. Looneys and sanes alike love liberty.

Von Fugal
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