OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Kimball Larsen kimball at kimballlarsen.com
Wed Jun 11 15:48:50 MDT 2008

On Jun 11, 2008, at 3:32 PM, Corey Edwards wrote:

> On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 13:53 -0600, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
>> Back to the subject of $4.00/gas.
>> Why are we not using hydrogen yet?
> It seems to be a common misconception that hydrogen is a fuel source  
> and
> thus can replace gasoline. It's not. It's a fuel storage medium,  
> i.e. a
> battery. Even if all the cars out on the roads were magically  
> converted
> to running on hydrogen, we would still have to solve the problem of
> generating enough electricity to produce hydrogen. Then of course
> there's the fun problem of distributing it.
> Hydrogen has a lot of things going for it, although I'm not completely
> convinced yet, but don't think it's going to be a simple panacea.
> Corey

I agree.  Fully electric cars using so-called "supercapacitors" [1]  
will be filling our streets in years to come.

Mark my words - if fuel prices hit $8.00/gallon, any car company that  
can sell an electric car that is as convenient to drive (no lengthy  
charge times, no batteries to replace, etc) as a gasoline powered one  
will make billions.

Who wants to start up a supercapacitor manufacturing company with me?

-- Kimball 

[1]:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercapacitor

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