OT: HHO (Browns Gas) Conversion For Your Car

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 15:35:21 MDT 2008

William Attwood wrote:
> Doing a hydrogen system, so long as you harness power from an outside or
> wasted source (solar panels, friction of the brakes to generate electricity,
> head off of the engine block) you can of course get gains in mileage when
> used together with gasoline/diesel.  If you rely on your own vehicles power
> output or try to do an HHO only vehicle, you will not get the gains as it's
> counter-productive.

Not true at all.  Just like a turbo charger takes power from the engine
to boost the overall efficiency and power, so hydrogen injection does
also.  It's not like you are getting energy from nothing; you're instead
just improving the efficiency from 18% to 19%.  All your energy is
conserved and accounted for.  Just that hydrogen injection is able to
improve the efficiency of the engine more than the amount of energy
needed to produce the hydrogen.

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