OT: HHO (Browns Gas) Conversion For Your Car

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 15:30:42 MDT 2008

Levi Pearson wrote:
> I also remain highly skeptical of these things, but the explanation
> I've heard goes something like this.  Gasoline combustion engines are
> hugely inefficient by nature.  This Brown's Gas stuff doesn't just
> supply energy from its own combustion, but acts as some sort of
> catalyst for a much more complete combustion of gasoline.  

This much, at least, is real.  As proof I offer wikipedia :) :


> While this sounds feasible on the face of it, the fact that these
> things have existed for years and haven't been adopted by car
> companies, combined with the unsophisticated explanations, lack of
> rigorous studies, and fluffy advertisement, suggest to me that this is
> pure quackery at work.

The trucking industry is indeed picking up on hydrogen injection.  The
results so far are very promising (I saw it on discovery--it must be
true!).  Fuel economy is improved (the efficiency of the engine is
improved slightly) and emissions are down.  This particular thing is not
at all a violation of any laws because you're merely using some of the
energy produced by diesel combustion to create hydrogen through
electrolysis which is injected into the engine to make the entire
process more efficient.

This is obviously not related at all to running your car on water, nor
is it even an alternative power source.  But I'm just pointing out that
this particular thing you're talking about is real and is a really good

> If you still think this is likely to work, I've got an electric
> supercharger to sell you, and a vortex generator for your intake as
> well.

Actually an electric super charger would work just fine, in theory; it's
the same principle as a normal super charger.  Power comes off the
engine that spins a turbine to increase the manifold pressure.  Besides
the fact that an electrical motor is probably not going to give you the
speed and torque you need, why would you use this as an example?

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