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Matthew Frederico mfrederico at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 15:12:25 MDT 2008

> Knowing Matt, I'm not entirely sure what he means by this comment, but I'm
> choosing to take it to mean that I work hard, save, and am careful with my
> resources.

I meant what I said - You're not the average american.  You have skills,
talent, personality and values that allow you to excel as a human being.  It
was meant to be a compliment, but seeing as I'm the antagonist in this here
conversation, I can see how it may be taken as otherwise.

> It should be known that Matt and I used to work for the same company, and
> he reported to me.

And then he left me with his job, and I was sad to see him go.

I would also like to pose the question:  *why* can't we change what an
> "average" american is?  Why do we all have to accept that average americans
> are in too much debt, make too little money, and the government has to bail
> them all out?

Kimball, that's the point that I must have missed with my earlier comments.
Of course we can change, but too many of us rely on what we see or what
we're "fed" and take it as God's honest truth.
For example, the media "circus" teaches us our entire lives that "milk" does
a body good, shows us happy pictures of smiling kids with "strong bones" and
a "great smile" - and holy crap, we're finding out there's more calcium in
orange juice, that we're all lactose intolerant, and that there are so many
hormones and "byproducts" coming along for the ride that it's making us

Perhaps my personal world is too small, but I can't see any irrefutable
> reason why average americans *can't* save money, be more prudent where they
> spend what they earn, and stay out of debt.

Kimball - knowing you It's because you are the type of person who tends to
be more skeptical and analytical of things.  Unfortunately there are a lot
of people out there who don't realize they are being hypnotized by
commercials, reality tv, and news media terrorism.  How many times have you
been listening on the radio and something like this comes on:
"Tonight at two news at 10 - It could be creeping it's way into your house,
your children could be at risk for pneumonia, cost you thousands, and most
Utah county homes haven't even been tested"

And you think "WOAH holy CRAP!  I better watch the news, I don't want the
nameless creeping thing to get my kids!"
So we watch the news and its something stupid like caulking drafty windows
for the winter.  But we get sucked in.  And the more people get sucked in,
the more they believe they have to keep themselves "on par" with what they
see on TV, or what they hear other people talking about.  We eat what we're

Here's another example that I know will pet the cat backwards:
People have this crazy concept of self worth based on what's around them.
There is a certain religion here in this state that teaches wonderful
things, however for whatever reason there seems to be a non-verbal
competition of just how exact in the "IDEAL" of these things we are taught
that you need to be.  Some people get depressed because they can't validate
how they feel versus what the "ideal" is.  This depression eventually leads
to "prozac" or other crutches.
Suddenly, our society has become our own worst enemy - the *people* in the
religion that teaches you not to addict yourself to drugs have pushed
someone to their limits of capacity.
(Please note I say 'the people')

So, Kimball - I agree with your earlier notion.  It's not us changing the
world, its us changing ourselves.  Once that happens, the world will
ineveitibly change.  And it takes people like you, me, David and everybody
else who are making sensible decisions to make change happen.  All we have
to do is continue to be examples, help where we can and teach our children.

-- Matthew Frederico

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