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Kimball Larsen kimball at kimballlarsen.com
Wed Jun 11 13:59:56 MDT 2008

On Jun 11, 2008, at 1:47 PM, Von Fugal wrote:

> <quote name="Kimball Larsen" date="Wed, 11 Jun 2008 at 13:26 -0600">
>> Knowing Matt, I'm not entirely sure what he means by this comment,  
>> but
>> I'm choosing to take it to mean that I work hard, save, and am  
>> careful
>> with my resources.
>> It should be known that Matt and I used to work for the same company,
>> and he reported to me.
>> I would also like to pose the question:  *why* can't we change what  
>> an
>> "average" american is?  Why do we all have to accept that average
>> americans are in too much debt, make too little money, and the
>> government has to bail them all out?
> Nobody said the government had to bail them out, just that they are  
> in a
> position where extroardinary gas prices can and *will* hurt them. I  
> take
> issue with all of you that say "eh, so what, I can deal with $8/gal
> gas." Oh I'm sure you can, but that's no reason to be indifferent  
> about
> it. I could ride my bicycle to work if I had to, it might make my
> commute 45 minutes or so. I can forego trips to california to visit  
> the
> inlaws (which we only do once every other year as it is). Does that  
> mean
> I welcome $8/gal gas? Heck no! I don't want to be paying that much,  
> and
> I don't think you do either. And while some of us can survive it,  
> others
> will be in a world of hurt. Again, I'm not saying the government  
> should
> bail anyone out. Rather, I think the government should stop spending  
> us
> into oblivion, inflating our money supply to the point of catastrophic
> deflation, and otherwise screwing over us average americans. Whether  
> you
> like it or not, we are somewhat responsible for the actions of our  
> govt.
> because we _are_ a democracy (or republic) and we do have the power to
> do something about gas prices and evil wars. However, nobody gives a
> damn and live in their own little bubbles where they are 'fine' and  
> can
> survive because of whatever lifestyle they have chosen. The average
> american also thinks they are 'fine' even if with less solid logic. I
> see this apathy reflected in those posts that say "I'm ready for $8  
> gas,
> if you're not it's your fault." You're missing the point! Gas should  
> not
> be that expensive. We are a prosperous and a blessed nation, we should
> be able to travel and visit relatives on a semiannual basis. The only
> consolation I have with this fiasco is that *finally* we're going to
> have some serious looks at alternative energy, more fuel efficient
> vehicles, maybe even nuclear power will make a comeback (one can only
> hope). What really bugs me is the attitude. For heaven's sake people  
> get
> off your high horse and give a crap about what's going on in the  
> world.
> </rant>

*Steps off high horse*

I did not mean to sound indifferent about gas prices - indeed, I am  
quite unhappy that filling my camry used to cost me about $12, but now  
costs nearly $60.  I am seriously looking at alternative energy  
sources for my own personal use.

However, more to the point - what, specifically, can I do as an  
individual that will make a lick of difference about anything that  
happens in the world in general?  I have control over my own  
situation, and do not presume to be able to exercise any control or  
influence over others.  Screaming "Rise up!  Make a stand!  We are  
better than this!  We don't deserve this!" is great on paper, but in  
practical implementation, tends to fall flat.

Perhaps I'm just jaded, but, honestly - what, specifically, can I do?

-- Kimball 

>> Perhaps my personal world is too small, but I can't see any  
>> irrefutable
>> reason why average americans *can't* save money, be more prudent  
>> where
>> they spend what they earn, and stay out of debt.
> Well guess what, a lot of people *can't* save money because as fast as
> they put it in inflation just eats it up. This is especially true of
> seniors who have spent their lives saving up for retirement and now a
> few years into retirement they find what they thought was a decent
> pension is now not worth enough anymore to support them. But mark my
> words, with inflation out of control as it is, it won't be long before
> plenty more people will *not* be able to save.
> Food storage is probably the only safe bet now. And perhaps some  
> guns to
> keep the looters at bay. (note: I'm not talking next month here or  
> even
> next year, but it's coming, unless we collectivy stand up and do
> something about it)
> Von Fugal

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