OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Jun 11 13:51:33 MDT 2008

Matthew Frederico wrote:
> While I found his last paragraph about housing pricing was humorous, I found
> the bulk of his paragraph to be bigoted, self aggrandizing, inaccurate and
> frankly a bit offensive.

My remarks were over-the-top. For that I apologize.

Let me frame my comments in their original context. A post was made 
stating that the government should realize that high gas prices are 
"killing the average American." I disagree with this statement because 
it presumes that it's the government's fault (at worst) and the 
government's problem to solve (at best). My intent in responding with a 
degree of self aggrandizement was to postulate that high gas prices are 
not killing the average American, but rather the average American is 
killing himself with over spending. Were it not so, high gas prices 
would not be such a big deal. My purpose in making my other statements 
(about making *more* than average and yet spending *less* than average) 
was simply to point out that Americans, in general, have spent 
themselves into a precarious position. Any hiccup in price on *any* item 
(gas, groceries, utilities, credit card interest rate, etc) is a major 
catastrophe. And this is *their* *own* *fault*, and is not the 
government's problem. According to studies I've seen, as many as 70% of 
Americans live paycheck to paycheck (sorry, no reference). Anyway...

I apologize for ranting so long that my original points were lost. 
Hopefully no one's feelings are hurt.


P.S. No offense taken (from anyone), but thanks to those who rushed to 
defend my honor. ;) I love playing the damsel in distress.

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