OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Wed Jun 11 10:47:31 MDT 2008

I agree that the average American isn't quite what Dave described,
though it does match an epidemic of not-quite-average proportions. I
also agree with Matthew that disagreeing with something Dave said does
not mean he thinks Dave is not a good person. Conversely, Dave being a
good person does not mean what he says is true, right, or good.

Unfortunately, Matthew's reply carried a strong connotation against Dave
the person and not the words, so I think his defenders were justified in
their responses. We must all be careful not to reduce our arguments to
personal levels, intentionally or otherwise. Doing so not only hurts
your argument, but it also hurts the discussion (one I am very
interested in and frankly I hope it's not dead yet, I do so enjoy the
political threads). We must also be careful to not take words at face
value simply because they were said by someone well liked.

Thanks Matthew for a more informative and thoughtful post in the end,
though still a little strong on the offensive.

Von Fugal
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