OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Grant Robinson santiago at mr-r.net
Wed Jun 11 10:41:13 MDT 2008

On Jun 10, 2008, at 6:53 PM, Derek Davis wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 4:50 PM, Matthew Frederico <mfrederico at gmail.com 
> > wrote:
>> You are so awesome.  I wish I could be like you.
> Assuming you were being serious, I agree. I think Dave is definitely a
> guy worth emulating based on my interactions with him.
> If that was sarcastic, it was also rude, immature, and uncalled for.
> I'm hoping for serious.

Having met both Dave and Matthew, I believe both of them to be good  
people of character.  I re-read Dave's message.  I didn't take  
offense, because I know Dave, but it could be taken as a bit  
insensitive.  People have and are losing their homes, and you can't  
make a blanket statement that it is totally the persons fault in every  
situation.  People lose their jobs, get in accidents or have serious  
health problems their insurance can't or won't cover.  I know of  
someone who got in a car accident, and was swamped with tens of  
thousands of dollars of medical bills that he couldn't pay.  He  
eventually had to declare bankruptcy and is still dealing with the  
consequences five years later. Ask yourself this question:

Even with a modest home and mortgage, how long could I go without  
working before I would be in deep financial trouble?

The "average" person would probably not be able to go very long.   
Those of us who are in salary positions with companies that offer  
things like short and long-term disability, if we couldn't work, those  
benefits would kick in.  That makes us pretty fortunate.  If you don't  
have those types of benefits at your work, you are a just a bad car  
accident away from financial ruin.  So, while I agree that there are  
definitely people in our country who are not "acting their wage",  
until we have walked in the shoes of the "average American", we should  
probably refrain from passing (or appearing to pass) judgement on  
their choices and circumstances.


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